eparting Residents

We are sorry to see you go but hopefully we will see you again at one of our communities in the near future.  It has been our pleasure and honor serving you at Scott Family Housing.  We hope that you were happy with your stay and we welcome any feedback on how we can improve our services. 

Residents may be required to move out of Scott Family Housing if they become ineligible for the housing, retire or separate from the military, or are PCSing.  However, a resident may be able to remain in housing through the Waterfall program pending availability.  Under most circumstances residents may terminate their occupancy with at least a 30-days written notice after completion of the initial lease term. Exceptions can be made if your orders do not allow for thirty days notice.  Residents are required to provide immediate notification to the community management office upon receipt of their orders.

Once the notice is received by the community management office, a community representative will set an appointment with the resident for a pre-Inspection and a final inspection.  Review our Move-Out Procedures Checklist and Move Out Cleaning Checklist so you have a better understanding of how the process will work and see exactly what areas need to be focused on during cleaning.  The Pre-Inspection is designed to evaluate any damage or cleaning charges which may be incurred if not corrected prior to the Final Inspection.  

Residents are responsible for meeting the Scott Family Housing Cleaning Guidelines. Cleaning and/or damage charges, if any, will be assessed during the Final Inspection.

Ideally, all work orders should be called in prior to giving your notice to vacate.  Routine work orders placed after your notice to vacate may be repaired following your final inspection.

Prior to the final inspection lawn and garden equipment must be returned to the Self-Help Center.

All trash/debris and personal items must be removed from the premises prior to the final inspection.  The resident will be assessed a fee of $75.00 and up if trash/debris is not removed.

The Effective Date of Termination, in most cases, will be the date the final Inspection is completed.

We wish you safe travels.


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